Our Service on the M&A Process

Capital Bridge covers all M&A processes :Strategy, Target Screening, Deal Advisory and  Business Due Diligence.  

Our service also covers a wide range of M&A schemes which includes Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Minority investment (with business partnership) and Divestitures. 

M&A’RKET is our proprietary deal origination  software. A powerful tool that helps corporate buyers find deals quickly and smoothly that meet their strategy while maintaining confidentiality. The data aggregated from this platform helps sell side advisories realize mandates and close existing ones. Contact us for more information and to schedule a call to see if your financial advisory can benefit from an increased deal flow.


M&A’RKET is the only buy-side based M&A platform that specifically lists targets by name. 

If you are an M&A professional, M&A’RKET sends you information on companies that our corporate buyers hope to acquire. Buyers remain anonymous until disclosure is necessary. This is a great way to find buyers for your sell mandates and also a good way to develop your proprietary deal flow.

  • Average deal size of 5 – 100 Million USD
  • Aggregating data from over 50+ client companies (listed & private)
  • We update and send this data to Financial Advisories in our network
  • Completely private and secure network

Our platform is live and we communicate our opportunities to advisories and professionals monthly.

Full English Language Launch from early 2020

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The Service Flow

If you  cannot find a company on our platform